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SharePoint has grown up! It will be THE web and application platform for enterprises, regardless if in the cloud or on-premise.

There were not so many new topics, that you would not have heard before. But in almost every talk and with almost every product in the exhibit halls you could see, that what was there, now had a few years time to evolve.

What I liked

  • Meeting great people I already knew and those I didn’t know before.
  • Internationality
  • Cooperation Offers / New Contacts
  • Workflow Shootout (3 competing products, same tasks, different approaches)
  • Active Community (not only on Twitter #EuropeanSP / @EuropeanSP)
  • Very well organized! A big THANK YOU to Helen, Tracy, Declan, the people from the Estrel Convention Center, Michael Greth, the exhibitors and sponsors…
  • My speaker badge! I hope to have another talk at the next conference, not only because it will be in Barcelona… 😉

What I didn’t like

  • session time to short
  • not enough caffeinated beverages

The two speakers I enjoyed the most

If you can, go to one of their talks!

  • Rafal Lukawiecki (Strategy Consultant, Project Botticelli Ltd., @rafaldotnet)
  • Mike Fitzmaurice (Vice President – Product Technology at Nintex, @MikeFitz)

The tweet, that makes the true potential of the conference visible

No tweets during coffee breaks? 😉 #EuropeanSP
Martin Swinkels

People were networking so actively, there was simply no time to tweet…

Some of the sessions I’ve attended

Tuesday, 18th October

  • SharePoint 2010 – THE Platform for Business Collaboration, Internet Sites and More (Bjorn Olstad, Microsoft, Norway, Keynote)
  • Drive Adoption and Get Users Excited about SharePoint 2010 (Matt Berg, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft, USA, T6)
  • SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Best Practices (Joel Oleson, Collaboration Solutions Director, USA, T3)
  • What to Avoid to Ensure Workflow Projects Succeed (Mike Fitzmaurice, Nintex, USA, T11)
  • Diving Into the SharePoint 2010 Fluent User Interface (Christian Glessner, Data One GmbH, Germany, T19)
Wednesday, 19th October
  • Office 365 for Developers (Jan Tielens, Microsoft, Belgium, W3)
  • SharePoint 2010 and Virtualisation (Alan Richards, West Hatch High School, UK, W6)
  • SharePoint Workspace 2010 – The Offline Client for SharePoint Server 2010 (Hans Brender, sqtm PSC GmbH, Germany, W12)
  • Designing Governance: How Information Management And Security Must Drive Your Architecture (Dan Holme, AvePoint, USA, W17)
  • SharePoint for the Internet – Automate your Deployment (Samuel Zurcher, Experts Inside, Switzerland, W23)
  • Federated Authentication in SharePoint 2010 (Andre Vala & Raul Ribeiro, Create IT, Portugal, W26)
  • BI in the Cloud: Opportunities, Paths, and the Future (Rafal Lukawiecki, Project Botticelli Ltd., Ireland, Keynote 4)
  • Conference Dinner
Thursday, 20th October
  • Expert Panel Session – Will Public Offerings or Private Cloud Solutions Influence the Adoption of SharePoint as a Web and Application Platform? (Panel Session)
  • Mobile Applications for SharePoint using HTML5 (Christian Heindel, Communardo Software GmbH, Germany, Th12)
  • Recorded a Share Point

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