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While preparing some demos with Napa, I got the following error message when trying to publish my apps:

NAPA: Publish failed

Publish failed

Your project could not be published.

Die Liste ‘App Packages‘ ist in der Website mit der URL ‘https://your-sp-online-dev-site‘ nicht vorhanden.


The list, of course, is existing, but Napa only works with an English developer site. I guess they are looking for the display name, which is different for non-English websites. The German title, for example, is ‘App-Pakete‘.

However, if you have a German Microsoft account and register for Office 365 / SharePoint Online, your tenant will be created with a German base template. Microsoft does not ask you during initialization and you will need a support ticket to change it later on. And if you have a German tenant as basis, your site collections will also have German as default language, so your developer site gets created with the wrong template language.


Go to the “SharePoint administration center > site collections”, create a new private developer site and be careful to select “English” as language for the template.

Your Napa code is not stored in the developer site, so you can simply switch over to your new developer site. Your code will already be there, waiting for you. In the English developer site click on “Publish” again.

This time it will work… 🙂

NAPA: 'Publish failed'

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