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Nintex Workflow for Office 365 is now available in the Office Store.

Direct store link:

Nintex Workflow for Office 365

Be one of the first to install the trial app from the SharePoint store and start to create and run workflows in the cloud.

Nintex Workflow for Office 365 enables users, developers and IT professionals to automate processes quickly and easily, without sacrificing power or manageability.

How does it work?

Nintex Workflow is hosted entirely in the cloud built using the new SharePoint App model.

It seamlessly integrates with Office 365, taking the workflow actions provided by Office 365, and augmenting them with its own actions to allow you to build processes that integrate with other cloud services.

Nintex takes care of the infrastructure allowing you to focus on building processes.

The product includes a browser based drag-and-drop designer allowing users to build and edit workflows from anywhere, anytime.

You can augment your workflows by securely connecting to a wide range of enterprise and consumer cloud services, available via the Nintex Store.

Nintex Store

Nintex Store (logo)

With Nintex Workflow, Nintex has introduced the Nintex Store, a one stop shop for all your action needs. The Nintex Store contains a range of actions you can leverage in your workflows; including actions to integrate all the applications and systems that are relevant to your business.

You can now easily add actions to the workflow designer that connect to a specific system or to a particular service provider.

The store also contains a powerful search capability allowing you to find actions quickly and easily.

Nintex is constantly adding new actions to the Nintex Store.

You can learn more about the Nintex Store here:

Access to Nintex Partners

It’s not just Nintex creating actions for the Store, a global network of partners build actions that meet the specific requirements of its customers.

Computacenter is a Nintex Partner. If you think your business could benefit from Nintex Worfklow for SharePoint, then we should talk at the Computacenter office in Berlin, or anywhere you like…


Nintex Workflow for Office 365 is licensed under an annual subscription based on the size of your organization.

Evaluation period

You can download the app for free and sign up for a free 30 day trial.

After you have purchased your subscription, you can enter your subscription key directly in the app. – No extra installation or configuration required. No data loss, no migration required!



As always, Nintex Connect is a great resource for documentation and tutorials.

Right from the start, there are the following tutorials available:

Service status

There also is a public page, where you can check the current status of the Nintex Services.


You can find a list of support ressources at:

Press release

Nintex News: Nintex Workflow for Microsoft Office 365 Now Available

Further information

Last year in July, Nintex published the “Nintex Workflow Platform Preview for SharePoint 2013“. I immediately gave it a test run a was able to go from acquiring the license to having a fully functional workflow that posts to Facebook in about 10 minutes.

I’ve written down my experience as step-by-step tutorial. Go and read it, to get a feeling about what to expect from Nintex Workflow for Office 365.

Nintex Workflow Platform Preview for SharePoint 2013 (screenshot)

If you want to learn more about Social Workflows in the cloud, come and visit my talk at SharePoint Days, December 3.-4. 2013 in Berlin.

Nintex has also prepared a website that gives you a nice overview


Now go and have fun exploring workflows in the cloud – using Nintex Workflow and Office 365. 🙂


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