Windows Phone, authentication against SharePoint 2013 and a missing reference in the samples

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As I’ve already written in my blog post from July 2012, there is now the SharePoint 2013 mobile client authentication object model which you can use to authenticate users of your mobile app against SharePoint 2013. Here are some more details, so that you can easily integrate SharePoint into your apps. Authenticator The object model provides two… Read more »

Want to start a SharePoint business but don’t qualify for DreamSpark / BizSpark program?

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No problem! You’ll only have to register as a Microsoft Partner, take a 30-minute online course and subscribe to the Action Pack Development and Design which will cost you 429 USD or 350 EUR per year and includes everything you’ll need – from Windows Server to Visual Studio Professional. This is actually cheaper than a stand-alone… Read more »

Office for Mac 2011 and SharePoint 2013

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Let me start with an introduction of how it works with the previous version of SharePoint: SharePoint 2010 Microsoft has an official document on what features are supported on Mac and what you’ll miss. Just go to the Office for Mac 2011 Administrator’s Guide and read this article: Planning to Use Office for Mac 2011… Read more »

Starting from scratch, with Scratch

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Last month, during our christmas holidays, my son (9) asked me to teach him programming. Being a programmer myself, I was glad that he asked. I never pushed him in this direction, he came and asked by himself. I can still remember how I built our first personal computer together with my dad. The keyboard… Read more »

My experience restoring a Windows Phone 8 backup

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Introduction While there was no integrated backup functionality in Windows Phone 7, things have changed for the better with Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 8 uses SkyDrive to automatically backup your device settings to the cloud, similar to how your Windows 8 settings are backed up, when you use a Microsoft account for login. (See:… Read more »

Refreshed version of the SharePoint 2010 October 2012 CU available

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Microsoft has published a refreshed version of the CU for October 2012 today. While the initial version from October 30th has the build number 14.0.6129.5000 the new one from November 15th has the build number 14.0.6129.5003. Descriptions: Description of the SharePoint Foundation 2010 cumulative update package (SharePoint Foundation server-package): October 30, 2012 Description of the SharePoint… Read more »

SharePoint Newsfeed for Windows Phone

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Just in time for the SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas (#SPC12), a preview version of the SharePoint Newsfeed app makes it’s appearance in the Windows Phone Store. (Link) The perfect software for my new Nokia Lumia 920. 😀 I could not find versions for Android or iOS, though. Excerpt from the product description in the app store:… Read more »