Napa: ‘App Packages’ list not found…

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Problem While preparing some demos with Napa, I got the following error message when trying to publish my apps: Publish failed Your project could not be published. Die Liste ‘App Packages‘ ist in der Website mit der URL ‘https://your-sp-online-dev-site‘ nicht vorhanden.

SharePoint Newsfeed for Windows Phone

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Just in time for the SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas (#SPC12), a preview version of the SharePoint Newsfeed app makes it’s appearance in the Windows Phone Store. (Link) The perfect software for my new Nokia Lumia 920. 😀 I could not find versions for Android or iOS, though. Excerpt from the product description in the app store:… Read more »

Debugging HTML5 Offline Web applications

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Debugging Offline Web applications can be hard, because you have to make sure you really are using the current version of your files. If the manifest file is not changed, the browser will not reload the other files, even if they have been changed. So a good advice is to create some automated build script that… Read more »

How to clear the cache of offline Web Applications

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Most of this new HTML5 stuff is still work in progress. And you can feel that sometimes, when you try the implementations in the different browsers. For example, try to delete the cache of an Offline Web application: iOS The only way to be sure it’s deleted is: Open the Safari settings Clear your cache (“Clear… Read more »

SharePoint 2010, ListData.svc, “Could not load type”

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If you want to create a lean mobile application for SharePoint, you’ll probably want to use the SharePoint 2010 Representational State Transfer (REST) interface, a WCF Data Service that allows you to use construct HTTP requests to query SharePoint list data.  It will minimize your network traffic compared to SOAP requests and it’s easier to understand… Read more »

Mobile Applications for SharePoint using HTML5

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Access to your business information: anytime, anywhere and from any device. There lies great potential in mobile applications for SharePoint and a big opportunity for you as a developer! Microsoft has sold more than 125 million SharePoint licenses to over 65,000 customers. And Tim Cook gave us the following number last week: “92% of the Fortune 500 companies… Read more »